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Roos are the youngest children within the nursery, there are soft carpeted floors, perfect for crawling and floor based activities and adding a little comfort and a ‘home from home’ feeling to the room. There are 2 rooms available for the younger children, one is kept calm, and relaxed, perfect for naps and the youngest of babies. The other is just right for the slightly older, more adventurous children. This room is packed with exciting learning opportunities to help develop and interest every little mind. There is an wide open hallway where the little ones have access to a range of sensory wall tiles – a popular play area amongst the more mobile Roos!

There is an easy clean floor area used for messy play activities and a tiny table and chairs for meal times. We also have a range of bumbo’s, baby chairs and highchairs available for those first stages of weening and sitting up.

The staff in Roos are just amazing! They are a calm, gentle but perfectly matched team and inspire to create the best environment possible for those first days, weeks and months of your nursery journey. We work closely with parents, to ensure that the transition to nursery is made a easy as possible for both parents and Babies.

When your baby first starts…

We try to find out as much as possible about your child’s daily routine and needs, likes and dislikes. We hope this will make the transition to nursery life as smooth as possible for your little one (as well as Mummy and Daddy). Each baby’s key-person will care for and respond to your baby’s individual needs, maintain close communication with you and make appropriate adaptations to routine and play so as to accommodate your baby’s growing needs.

Your baby’s food…

We ask you to provide baby’s formula milk (or breast milk if desired) breast milk may come in frozen if preferred. Formula milk powder must be provided ,all formula will be dated when opened and as suggested by most manufacturers will use it for 4 weeks, if at the end of this time there is some left we will send it home and request a new tub of formula for nursery. Bottles will be made following manufacturers instructions. When your baby goes onto eating solids, all meals including breakfast, snacks, a hot cooked lunch and tea are provided (and pureed where necessary). The babies are always fed their bottles in the arms of a staff member and their meals seated in a harnessed low-chair. Children will sit together and this time will be to encourage social interaction.


Nappies and wipes are to be provided by yourselves along with any nappy cream required. There are regular nappy-changing times throughout the day for babies as well as continuous checks for soiling. Details of nappy changes are also recorded in your baby’s nursery diary.

Sleep Time…

There are no set sleep times as all children’s individual routines will be followed, staff will monitor the children as they sleep. Where possible children will sleep in the same cot, promoting a sense of security when they drift off and wake up. We keep a record for you of how long your child has slept for each day in their nursery diary.

Outdoor Activities…

Babies are taken outside whenever possible, weather permitting. We have several double pushchairs and a 6 seater with reclining seats allowing us to take little ones out around the surrounding areas. Even the youngest children enjoy watching our nursery pet ‘Buddy’ the rabbit playing on the grass.  Babies only stay outside for short periods of time and never in the mid-day sun. We have recently developed a separate baby garden at the front of the nursery, this is vital so the youngest children can benefit from having time outdoors and be safe from the older children at the same time.

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