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The Kangas are the older under 2’s. Children transition to this room when they are a little more mobile and able to cope with a busier environment, begin to become more independent and when their love of exploring hits new levels. In this room the children develop important early skills such as, problem solving, using cutlery, open cups, and a little bit of sharing! It is lovely to watch as friendships begin, and the children start to show awareness of other feelings.

The children in the Kangas room are loved and cared for by our fabulous team who work tirelessly to provide a comforting and exciting environment where the children can explore and learn through the many opportunities made available to them daily. The Kangas room is situated towards the back of the nursery building with access straight into the play hall and garden where they spend time every day!

Meal Times…

Meal times are very social occasions when children are encouraged to feed themselves with a small knife and fork. All drinks are provided in age appropriate cups.

The children sit together at the table and staff sit with them to encouraging good table manners and language development.

We like to involve the children in preparing some food for themselves, such as making cakes or biscuits for snack time, when the time is right we will be harvesting our home grown fruit and vegetables, these will be prepared and we will be able to enjoy these as part of our lunch or snacks.

To ensure a balanced diet, children are offered something from each of the following 5 food groups every day:

Milk or dairy
Meat, fish or a vegetarian alternative
Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes
Fruit and vegetables

Food containing fat and /or sugar
Our staff all have a food hygiene qualification and always ensure that children to wash their hands before they eat. We are very proud to have our 5 star food hygiene certificate!

We are happy to cater for any food allergies or intolerances, please ensure you provide all the information when your child starts and we will ensure we have appropriate foods available.

Outside Activities…

As with the other age groups, children will have free flow access to the indoor/outdoor garden, children are given the opportunity to choose when they would like to go outside to play or carry out activities and which activities they choose to take outside.  We take short walks around the surrounding countryside and often take a trip to the library, village to feed the ducks or a general stroll to the park.

We ask you to provide Wellington boots, coats, sun hat and sun cream for your child.  Children never go outside in the mid-day sun.

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